In honor of UC San Diego's 50th anniversary, UCSD-TV is presenting s a yearlong series highlighting the diverse and extraordinary work being done every day on, and off, the campus. Among the people and projects featured in first edition of the new series, hosted by Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, there is a profile of UCSD's Center for Community Well-Being, a collaborative focused on improving the lives of school-age children in southeastern San Diego. Click in the window to view. (Length: 8 mins 53 secs)

In this video from August 2009, Tiffany Fox reports on the multidisciplinary collaboration of faculty and staff from UC San Diego and the San Diego Community Housing Corporation. They were recognized by HUD for their work with Town & Country Village, an affordable housing project in southeast San Diego. HUD officials visited the Town & Country Learning Center as part of Neighborhood Networks Week.
(Length: 5:21)