Community Partners




Gompers Preparatory Academy

The mission of Gompers Preparatory Academy, in partnership with UC San Diego and the school’s community, is to accelerate academic achievement for all students through a college preparatory culture and curriculum. Gompers prides itself on preparing students for college and the professional world and beyond through a combination of rigorous academic curriculum, comprehensive life skills courses, and wide-ranging enrichment opportunities. Gompers offers an all-encompassing education engaging all facets of student development.


Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School was created as four schools, called centers, which allow the school to have a more directed focus in the areas of Social Justice, Arts, Science & Engineering and Public Safety. The Center for Science and Engineering offers hands-on, project-based learning and a rigorous A-G curriculum. It provides students with the unique opportunity to engage in the exploration of the sciences. Students work together to explore, understand, and bring the sciences to the forefront. 10th -12th grade students will acquire the skills necessary to become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Students interested in Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, and Medical careers are encouraged to apply.


The Preuss School UCSD

The Preuss School, located on the UC San Diego campus in La Jolla, California, is a charter middle and high school dedicated to providing a rigorous college prep education for motivated low-income students who will become the first in their families to graduate from college. As part of UCSD, a major research institution, The Preuss School also serves as a model school to study and develop best practices in the preparation of low-income, urban students for college admission to be disseminated to improve public education.




Town & Country Village Learning Center

The Town & Country Village Learning Center is a community organization that provides computing facilities, a space for home-work and study, as well as varied activities ranging from cooking to dance to gardening.


Jackie Robinson Family YMCA of San Diego County


Metro Career Center




Coalition of Neighborhood Councils

The Coalition of Neighborhood Councils (CNC) was created in 1994 as a neighborhood unification and empowerment strategy. The CNC provides community members the skills, knowledge and opportunities needed to effect neighborhood change and acts as a resource and information sharing network for the 23 neighborhood councils in southeastern San Diego.  The CNC also serves as a forum for community and citywide concerns, creating a united voice for residents of southeastern San Diego.


Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation partners with resident teams in an underinvested community called the Diamond Neighborhoods in southeastern San Diego. Its mission, “Resident Ownership of Neighborhood Change,” is based on the philosophy that residents must envision, drive, and own change in their community to make it meaningful and sustainable. The center is working with residents on a comprehensive development plan to transform 45 unused, untended, and underutilized acres into The Village at Market Creek, a vibrant community center and cultural destination in the heart of San Diego. A series of social enterprises, ultimately owned by residents, include a conference and community center, retail establishments, service providers, educational hubs, affordable housing, and a variety of marketplaces.


San Diego Workforce Partnership

The San Diego Workforce Partnership funds job training programs to meet the region's demand for qualified workers.  The programs benefit local employers, unemployed and recently laid-off adults, and at risk youth ages 14 to 21.


San Diego Futures Foundation

San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) is a 501(c)3 social enterprise that helps improve access to computers and services. We do this by expanding access to computers and education, youth training, and services for nonprofits.


San Ysidro Health Center

Since 1969, San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) has been providing quality, low-cost, primary health care services to South Bay & Central/Southeastern San Diego residents. SYHC offers an extensive array of family-oriented primary health care services, including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, adult medicine, dental care, mental health, podiatry, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy. SYHC offers a variety of free health education programs to encourage all patients to actively participate in promoting and protecting their own health.